Artist Bio

Founded in 2008, New York Concert Artists & Associates is a modern-day realization of Robert Schumann’s Alliance of David (Davidsbund), an imagined spiritual fraternity of creative minds.  NYCA is led by musicians for musicians and the musical public, in the belief that the ultimate artistic decisions in all situations must be made by the artists themselves, for the sake of the integrity -- and therefore life -- of classical music in the twenty-first century.  We hold regular meetings, discuss our concerts and projects together, and help one another with whatever resources available. 

New York Concert Artists' performer on stage
NYCAA (New York Concert Artists and Associates), under the direction of Klara Min, has had a record of discovering some highly interesting musicians to present in debut.
— New York Concert Review

To help musicians articulate their messages more directly to the world, we at New York Concert Artists & Associates make it a priority to create dynamic partnerships among musicians, managers, and presenters, and to promote young artists internationally through our concert series and collaborations with other organizations.  We believe that we contribute to the ever-evolving music industry and to the society-at-large by living and renewing the ideals of artists, as envisioned by artists.