Since the Young Musicians Foundation's (YMF) founding in 1955 by pianist Sylvia Kunin, the foundation has provided one-of-a-kind opportunities for pre-professional young musicians to hone their skills, continually growing to meet the changing needs of Los Angeles’ young musicians.  In the past two decades, YMF has diversified its focus to provide musical opportunities for children who otherwise may have no access to musical experiences, creating access to potentially life-changing classical musical music performances.  A key component of our innovative service model is its interconnected programs that allow for long-term involvement that meets musicians’ changing needs over several years.  At whatever entry point that musicians ages 4 - 25 come to YMF, they receive mentoring and guidance to build their interest and confidence in studying and performing classical music.

Premiered by YMF in April 2016 as part of its Great Music Series, Yeethoven presented music from Kanye West’s Yeezus paired with works by Beethoven, including the Egmont Overture, Symphony No. 5 (op. 67), and String Quartet No. 14 (op. 131).

Yuga Cohler conducting the Young Musician Foundation Debut Orchestra
What made “Yeethoven” especially engaging was its unmistakably sincere musical roots.
— The Los Angeles Times

The purpose of Yeethoven was to explore the commonalities between the music of our times and classical masterpieces of the past. By highlighting the musical and cultural elements characteristic of all great music, the program demonstrated that modern popular music is fundamentally similar to classical music.

8VA provided public relations, digital marketing and social media support for the program. Yeethoven was featured in media outlets as influential and varied as: Associated Press, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Billboard, Yahoo!, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Paper Magazine, The Independent (UK), CCTV (China) and many more. The concert sold out and hundreds more were turned away at the door due to overwhelming demand. 

Articles and social media posts about Yeethoven reached more than 90 million people in the days and weeks surrounding the concert.