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NOUN | \ˈĀT\ˈVĒ\ˈĀ\

Definition of 8VA
: an abbreviation for all' ottava, Italian for “at the octave”
: musical notation used to instruct the musician to play the note an octave higher than written
: a New York-based public relations and strategic consultancy specializing in the classical music market




If you are a classical musician, you know the musical notation "8va" as "all' ottava", meaning "at the octave". This symbol, without a second thought, makes us play a note an octave higher. For our company, the name 8VA (pronounced āt vē ā) is more than a wink to fellow musicians. We only take on musicians, organizations, and projects we believe in, and by pitching their amazing work correctly, we elevate the work's impact. Our name is also about holding ourselves to a higher standard and about working harder (and smarter) to exceed our client’s goals.

Formerly the New York branch of Inverne Price Music Consultancy, our team has worked on behalf of top classical soloists, conductors, composers, orchestras, music festivals and other related organizations since the firm’s founding in 2012. With backgrounds in non-profit executive leadership, marketing, advertising, the record industry, public relations - and most importantly, with a deep passion for classical music, 8VA Music Consultancy is uniquely positioned to take your career or organization - well - up an octave.


Our team

Patricia Price, Managing Director

Managing Director

Patricia Price specializes in international public relations, classical music marketing, and non-profit strategy. She founded 8VA Music Consultancy in 2012 (previously the New York branch of Inverne Price Music Consultancy). Prior to starting the consultancy, Patricia Price was the Executive Director of Portland Piano International and the Classical Product Manager for Allegro Media Group. During her time in the record industry, she managed 70 classical record labels and was the executive producer for more than 75 albums. A Vienna-trained pianist herself, Patricia has been heard on public radio and in venues throughout Europe and the US. She has a B.Mus. in Piano Performance and Master's in Business Administration. Patricia was featured in the J.Jill women's apparel brand national "Inspired Women" ad campaign, and she appears as a lecturer at leading arts institutions including Chamber Music America, The Juilliard School, and The Cliburn Competition. Patricia is based in New York.

Matt Herman, Managing Director

Managing Director

Matt Herman directs the public image of some of world's leading classical musicians and brands. As a social media and online development specialist, Matt has brought his web wizardry to benefit musicians, non-profit foundations, record labels, universities, and consumer product companies. Starting his career in the family public relations and marketing firm, Matt has been in the industry since birth. Always one step ahead of new public relations strategies and social media channels, he has extensive experience in maximizing online awareness and in all major channels of social media. Matt has a Master's in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing and more than 10 years experience in marketing communications and strategic planning.

Emma Ge Yu

Senior Account Manager

After being a longtime 8VA colleague and friend, Emma Ge Yu officially joined our team in 2018. Emma has been involved in the careers of some of the most compelling musicians of our time including Lang Lang, Long Yu, Juan Diego Florez, Alexandre Desplat, and Chick Corea. Her extensive experience in artist management, brand endorsements, government partnerships, and event production is a tremendous asset to 8VA services. Emma has also served as a producer focused on China-related performing arts projects, including special live performances, large-scale music festivals, and charitable events. Emma graduated with honors from Peking University, earning double degrees in International Studies and Economics, and received a master's degree in Arts Management from Boston University.

Julianne Zahl, Office Manager

Director of Operations

Julianne Zahl is 8VA Music Consultancy's not-so-secret weapon. With a degree in piano performance and pedagogy, she uses her highly trained positive attitude, methodical organization, and passion for music on a daily basis. Julianne started her career at Oregon Public Broadcasting, where she gained experience in both non-profit organizations as well as the inner workings of a media company. Today, she is an integral part of 8VA's client relations and operations.

Caitlyn Koester


Surrounding herself with music in a multifaceted way from a young age, Caitlyn Koester is a wonderful addition to the 8VA team as both an arts administrator and a well-rounded musician - growing up playing everything from Bach inventions, jazz, and Elton John to her own compositions. She became involved in arts administration at 14 through volunteer work with Portland Piano International and subsequently has worked in that vein at University Musical Society in Ann Arbor, SFCM Pre-College, San Francisco Performances, and San Francisco Opera. Caitlyn received her bachelor’s degree in piano performance at the University of Michigan and her master’s degree in historical performance at The Juilliard School. She also maintains a studio of piano students. If you are lucky, you may spot Caitlyn playing harpsichord around New York City including with the Juilliard415 baroque orchestra.

Holly, Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

Holly keeps the office spirits high through group exercise and cuddling. Although some might call her naps and frequent walks unconventional, we find her approach inspirational and endearing. Holly grew up on the streets of California, where she was rescued to Oregon in poor health and within days of being put to sleep. She embodies a truly American wags to riches story, as she now makes her home and confidently struts her stuff on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.