The New York Times: Watch Ping-Pong Make Its New York Philharmonic Debut with Maestro Long Yu

The New York Times
Joshua Barone

Michael Landers and Ariel Hsing, table tennis champions in their early 20s, are featured as the Ping-Pong-playing soloists in Andy Akiho’s energetic concerto “Ricochet,” which will have its American premiere on Tuesday as part of the Philharmonic’s Lunar New Year gala. And yes, this is the first time a Ping-Pong table has been onstage at David Geffen Hall.

The concept attracted early fans, including the Chinese conductor Long Yu, who led the piece’s premiere in Shanghai in 2015 and will conduct the Philharmonic concert on Tuesday.

“I’m interested in any crazy, creative idea beyond normal imagination,” he said. “Classical music needs more like this.”

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